Strategic Planning & Communications/Congressional Liaison

IR&S expertise builds on over 30 years of strategic communications, planning and congressional liaison experience, it knows efficient and effective communication is the cornerstone of any good business. Communication stretches far beyond a quick email or memo sent by a busy employee. Most business is done by speaking with someone and gathering their ideas and needs. If a business is going to succeed then its employees and leaders need to have a strong understanding and desire to communicate well with clients and customers.

Customers and clients are the lifeblood of any solid company. Getting a loyal customer makes a huge difference in the health and wellness of your company. With so many companies out there to compete with, knowing how to make your company stand out is important. Communication is one thing that stands out greatly for most customers. If you’re treated well by a company and given superior service then chances are you will return to give them your business time and time again. A customer will always remember which company showed them the red carpet and which closed the door behind them. Deciding that your company is the red carpet type and that you are determined to give the best service to clients and customers alike is what sets IR&S apart from the rest.

Thinking strategically and being able to communicate your methods can help propel your business ahead. IR&S makes effective communication and strategic thinking easily accomplished. We provide businesses and groups with the tools needed to find their footing and communicate effectively within and outside of their company.

We will review your current organizational strategy and let you know any potential gaps or shortfalls that may affect your impact.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Build Legislative Objectives, Goals and Priorities
  • Design Engagement Strategy
  • Motivational & Public Speaking
  • Continuity of Government
  • Deliberate and Contingency Planning
  • Strategic Planning