Mental Health Services

Behavioral HealthMental Health has become a more prevalent topic in the world today. No longer are people afraid to speak about the subject and with help from society, friends, and family members the idea that someone can openly discuss the state of their mental health is just on the horizon. If you own an organization or a business, dealing with mental health is something of great importance. Consider health insurance for a moment. Making sure your employees or team members have reliable health insurance is an important part of keeping them satisfied and productive. You take care of them and they take care of business the right way. How to deal with the subject of mental health may not always be clear for some people. If you own an organization or business and are unsure of how to handle a mental health situation then learning the right steps can be accomplished with services from IR&S.

The world is evolving and business is evolving right along with it. No longer are issues swept under the rug and forgotten about. If you run an organization or business then understanding how to handle and approach mental health is always important. From PTSD to stress, knowing which steps to take can greatly help all parties involves. Here at IR&S we understand that these issues can be hard for some people to understand and assist in. For this reason we have taken steps to ensure our services give you everything you need to understand and help those suffering. Remember that the first step to helping mend trouble is being able to understand what the trouble is.  Whether and organization or individual, IR&S is capable and ready to help in this specialize area.

We are Experienced in Providing Treatment For:

  • PTSD and Other Anxiety Disorder
  • Combat Stress Related Reactions
  • Depression and Other Mood Disorders
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Coping with Stress of Military Lifestyle